Homeplug GreenPHY SoC 和线路驱动器

产品介绍 芯片分类:HomePlug® AV、HomePlug® GreenPHY、ISO15118-3

MSE1021/MSE1022 符合 HomePlug® AV 标准和 HomePlug® GreenPHY 标准。 它们符合电动汽车充电通讯协议ISO15118-3,MSE1021与MSEX24(线路驱动器)配套可应用于充电桩端(SECC),而MSE1022与MSEX25配套可应用于车端(EVCC)。该芯片设计满足高吞吐量/低延迟效能要求,并具有更高的覆盖率,与上一代产品相比,可将功耗降至最低。

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GreenPHY 处理器功能

 HomePlug® AV/GreenPHY compliant MAC & PHY optimized for multimedia streaming applications

 Supports 1.8 to 30MHz frequencies

 Advanced Turbo code FEC

 128-bit AES Link Encryption with easy plug-and-play key management

 Full interoperability with HomePlug® AV and HomePlug®GreenPHY nodes

 MAC optimizations for higher end-user throughput

 Advanced signal processing architecture for high tolerance of noise and interferences

 Advanced multi-core architecture

  • A powerful 32-bit core dedicated to the physical layer management
  • A powerful packet processor that allows fast and efficient bridging and classification


  • 1 x 10/100/1000 Mbits/s IEEE 802.3 Ethernet MAC interface (RGMII/RMII) for MAC-2-MAC or MAC-2-PHY connection
  • One SPI Master port with clock up to 20MHz
  • One SPI Slave port with input clock up to 7.14MHz
  • 2 UARTs (1 implementing hardware flow control and 1 dedicated to CPU)
  • Up to 15-bit GPIO with HW interrupt function


  • Integrated SAR ADC for highly accurate voltage measurement
  • Integrated Zero-Crossing detection mechanism for highly accurate time measurement
  • Integrated PWM generation mechanism
  • support boot mode selection (flash or host)


  • MSE1021/MSEX24: industrial grade (for SECC)
  • MSE1022/MSEX25: AEC-Q100 grade 2 (for EVCC)


 Combined Charging System (CCS)








Part Number Temp Range Package Body Size (mm)
MSE1022 -40 ~ +105°C EP-LQFP-80 10x10
MSEX25 -40 ~ +105°C wettable QFN16 4x4
MSE1021 -40 ~ +85°C EP-LQFP-80 10x10
MSEX24 -40 ~ +85°C QFN16 4x4

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